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Applications have quickly become the gateway to critical digital services we now rely on to function day-to-day, both for personal and professional needs. This means application owners are getting hit with record usage, while under intense pressure to get products, services, and information to their customers quickly — all while maintaining a great digital experience. There are always several solutions to solve a problem, what makes us unique is our dedication and customer service. We set out to partner with our clients to deliver the solution together – a joint approach to reach the goal.

It is key for us to be a trusted advisor and partner that helps our customers to fully achieve their business objectives rather than a IT provider who delivers and walks away.

Karl Brenner speaks to on building strong customer relations, digital transformation trends, and the impact of Covid-19

What impact has Covid-19 had on your business?

Like so many companies, the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to change our business model, from 90% on-site delivery to 100% remote delivery. This was a huge change not only for us, but also for our customers who were used to working with us in person.

In the early stages of the pandemic our projects came to a halt. We collaborated with our customers to find the best solution so that we could continue to work together remotely. This was not always easy, and several projects suffered delays because of it. Furthermore, working remotely brought new challenges around access, we had to ensure security while providing the necessary permissions needed to do the work. For many organisations that meant changing their remote access policies and allowing a third party to carry out work without the usual onsite supervision.

Having built strong relationships with our customers over time, they were confident in trusting Perform IT to successfully carry out the work remotely. Having that sort of relationship was crucial to the continuation and success of the projects, which our clients recognised.

Adapting to working remotely initially was challenging with the loss of in-person contact, all meetings were happening over video calls, so it felt harder to maintain the personal touch. However, once we all got used to working this way it has become the new normal.

Perform IT specialises in Cisco software solutions, with an offering that includes Cisco Workload Optimization Manager, ThousandEyes and AppDynamics. How can these solutions be used to modernise and transform a business?

Perform IT is at the forefront of delivering software professional services, utilising years of experience from multiple domains. The company focuses on AIOps, networking and monitoring solutions by Cisco, helping customers to reconcile existing platforms with the Cisco stack, as well as accelerate adoption of the monitoring portfolio. Perform IT’s strong technical background and highly experienced team ensures our consultants can implement the solutions but also provide valuable monitoring best practices for Cisco customers.

How do you and your team work to help a business meet its unique goals?

Perform IT is in tune with its customers and we make sure that we capture all challenges that each customer faces in their own line of business. It is important to tailor any solution to help realise the full value of the solution and support the customer’s digital transformation.

Twelve months into the pandemic, we’re starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. What role will digital transformation play?

Digital transformation was here before Covid-19, the pandemic has merely accelerated the speed we have to go about it. With a shift to doing ‘everything’ online, it is important to be able to react to changes, increase capacity and find any faults without impacting customers. We have seen that early adopters of digital transformation had a head start when the pandemic hit, many have since followed and changed their way of doing business. This trend will not reverse itself; customers have become used to being able to transact from their device of choice. 

What do the coming months look like for Perform IT?

The coming months will see a gradual return to work in person with some of our customers. We have had several requests already to look into how this will be possible. But for the majority of projects onsite work will still be some time away and we will continue to work remotely. We plan to grow our team here and in Europe to fulfil the increased demand from new customers.

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