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Support When Its Needed

The pace at which technology is advancing is accelerating, it can be hard to keep up. It’s important to have the right support that you can leverage when you need it most, to get out in front. Perform IT’s professional services provides the knowledge, experience or manpower you need to realise the true value from your IT investments. This helps to mitigate risk and reduce costs by enabling you to call upon our highly experienced consultants at various stages throughout your journey.

IT Strategy and Project Management

We can support you in building a strategic roadmap or project plan based on our extensive expertise and experience including legacy systems so that you can focus on the road ahead to achieve your business objectives. 

We have the experience to overcome challenges such as tight deadlines and to manage risk right through the project from initiation to completion.

Customisation and Implementation Support

Perform IT specialise in developing complex integrations with multiple technology platforms to prioritise business continuity so that you can utilise your existing solutions. 

Perform IT’s professional services team offers implementation support where we will consult on configuration, industry standards, best practices and administration tasks. Using our proven delivery methodology we can ensure successful deployment of new features and functionality.

Systems Health Check

Ensuring your systems are operating to their full potential and in the most efficient way is vital for organisations. Perform IT’s Systems Health Check will evaluate your systems configuration, usage, and performance. It is designed to highlight areas that can be enhanced and review your processes to ensure they are as efficient as they were when the system was first implemented.

Architectural Review

Having a fully linked monitoring and incident management system is key to keep outages to a minimum and resolve issues quickly. Perform IT offers architectural workshops to help our customers use their tool suite to its full potential. Book an architectural review session with one of our architects to make the most of what you have invested in.

Flexible IT Resourcing

Perform IT provides organisations with strategic resourcing solutions that allow them to scale up as and when needed. With our resource you get reliability and experience for as long as required whilst avoiding the costly and lengthy recruitment processes, skills shortages and short-term contract liabilities. We have flexible options to provide you with the most effective and efficient support model.

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