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Secure From The Inside Out 

Keeping your business and its data safe can be a complex and time consuming process. Threats are becoming more advanced and attacks more frequent. Choosing the right security partner is crucial to mitigate risk and ensure the best in class security technologies are deployed.

At Perform IT, we work with our customers to design a solution specific to their individual needs using the industry’s leading technologies.


Application Security

Identify and block threats to keep your business safe.

Protect your applications and correlate app performance and security insights without overhead or friction.

Cloud Security

Protect your business where it lives, in the cloud. Receive security updates every day to protect you from rapidly evolving malware while minimising your costs and eliminating the complexity of hardware and software lifecycles. 

Cyber Security

Ransomware is evolving. So must your security. Protect against the unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks and technologies.

Network Security

More and more of your business is in the cloud. Traditional network security built a secure perimeter around your network to keep it safe, this is no longer the case. It’s time to retink network security.

Secure Workforce

Enable your teams to securely access services and applications from wherever they are with optimal performance while being confident that the level of risk to your organisation remains low.

Zero Trust

Protect your users, devices and business resources no matter where they are. Grant App access not network access, reduce the attack surface, enhance the user experience and support the bulk of devices and apps.

Zero Trust Against Ransomeware eBook

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