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Implementing new solutions are not always easy. To ensure business continuity it is important that all systems, including legacy and bespoke corporate systems, work with your new system. Sometimes this may not be straightforward. Perform IT are system integration specialist. We work with our customers to address their unique application requirements.– whether it is to customise an existing product or create a new solution.

We develop custom integration solutions to ensure continuity by integrating all systems into the new business observability solution. We develop custom extensions when there are none aleady available. All our solutions are actively maintained and improved.

Custom AppDynamics Extensions

Below are some of the custome integration extensions that we have built. Contact us to learn more and request a free demo.

Cisco ACI for AppDynamics Integration

The Cisco ACI integration allows for the synchronisation of network faults, events and audits into the AppDynamics business application.

The interface maps the network data to the correct APM application, managed by the Cisco ACI ecosystem.

AppDynamics Analytics is also available as an option in order to extend the flexibility of the network data in the context of dashboards and alerting.


  • Faults
  • Audits
  • Events
  • Application correlation

Siebel CRM with AppDynamics

The Siebel integration brings Siebel’s own deep code insights performance data into the AppDynamics world. 

The interface allows for both high level metrics as well as low level code driven analysis.

Data is made available in AppDynamics as metrics and structured analytics events. This allows for a variety of dashboards to be constructed, based on customer use case.


  • Transaction level monitoring using Analytics
  • Components status and availability
  • Hundreds of unique Siebel application metrics
  • Tailored dashboards and user impact

Micro Focus OBM for AppDynamics

Synchronise AppDynamics monitoring data and alerts with the MF OBM Event Management platform. 

The highly flexible configuration profiles allow for a fine grained control over what gets integrated with OBM. All OBM channels of data are supported.


  • Topology
  • Metrics
  • Events
  • Drill-down


Data to AppDynamics

This custom interface allows for the integration of generic data sources like RDBMS databases and API endpoints as events in AppDynamics.

The interface allows for delta data synchronisation which makes this tool extremely useful for business cases and business journey implementations.


  • API data sources
  • Database data sources


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