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Karl Brenner speaks to the Sunday Business Post

Application performance

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Sunday, October 31st Karl Brenner CEO of Perform IT features in an article on Application Performance in the Irish Sunday Business Post’s Connected magazine. The article talks about how “it is not enough to have the right infrastructure in place, it is essential to ensure that it is working optimally.”. “Business services today are on a knife edge: crucial applications are dependent not only on hardware but on internal networks, external connections and the not-always-reliable public internet.”

Karl Brenner was interviewed by journalist Jason Walsh, along side James Harvey, Executive Chief Technical Officer for EMEA at AppDynamics. They talk about how businesses are at the mercy of networks when it comes to receiving data.

In the article Karl explained how 10 years ago APM (application performance monitoring) was predominantly used by large Telco and banks who were concerned about ensuring their users could get the results the wanted.

He goes on to explain how complex IT systems can be with the various layers and how without an APM solution it can be difficult to pinpoint the bottleneck or problem.

Read the full article here. (page 34)

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