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An introduction to modern network visibility

Modern visibility

Written by Perform IT Team

Contributor Misho Tonevski, Senior Consultant

You may have heard that Microsoft Azure has partnered with ThousandEyes to assist in managing their networks. It seems like a great match, since ThousandEyes can offer unparalleled visibility into networks, allowing Microsoft to easily spot and fix problems within Azure and minimise the impact those issues might have on end users. But ThousandEyes doesn’t only work for networks at the size and scale of Azure – it can help any organisation get the most out of their network by providing a single source of truth that makes locating and solving issues easy.

ThousandEyes partner

What is ThousandEyes?

Enterprise networks have developed significantly in the last decade – spreading from on-premises infrastructure out into the public internet. The widespread adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) has been instrumental to this change and has allowed businesses to reach scale and flexibility that was previously out of reach. But this move has created some significant challenges. With important apps no longer running on your infrastructure, it’s difficult to diagnose and resolve the issues that could be impacting your business.

ThousandEyes provides a solution to this – acting as a common toolset that gives you insight into every aspect of your network, providing a single source of truth. Even for the most complex networks, ThousandEyes provides the visibility you need to make benchmarking your performance and troubleshooting any issues easy – especially when compared to older monitoring tools which aren’t built to work in cloud-native environments and leave critical blind spots, forcing your IT teams to contend with guessing at where a problem may lie.

With ThousandEyes implemented, your teams can get full visibility of your entire network – allowing them to identify and resolve issues faster, and even avert future incidents by using historical data to determine what issues are likely to occur where, and under what circumstances, allowing them to plan ahead and mitigate common incidents. 

How can ThousandEyes help my business?

While your network may not be as complex as that of Microsoft Azure, ThousandEyes gives essential insight for tackling the crucial challenges in your infrastructure, ensuring you can capitalise on the flexibility and scale of modern IT networks without foul of visibility gaps or the impact on performance this might lead to.

User Experience

User experiences

Delivering excellent user experiences is vital for modern organisations – whether your users are employees, customers, or both. More now than ever, those experiences may be affected by circumstances outside of your infrastructure – for example, the booking portal for a hotel chain might be seeing an abnormally high number of abandoned bookings from a particular location. 

Without full visibility, this problem could stem from anywhere in the network – but ThousandEyes allows complete insight into the network, so it can diagnose that, for example, the increased number of abandoned bookings is due to problems with a regional datacentre used by the cloud provider hosting the portal. As well as diagnosing the root cause of the issue, this helps the hotel chain provide evidence that the problem resides with the cloud provider, and ensure the problem is evidenced, escalated, and properly dealt with.

Cloud computing

Optimising cloud usage

Migration of apps and workloads to the cloud has the potential to provide massive advantages in performance and scale – but the lack of visibility into cloud infrastructure could mean you end up paying for a cloud service that isn’t actually delivering the improvements you expected.

That’s where ThousandEyes can help – as well as giving you visibility into the cloud environment to understand how your apps are performing, its tools also help you benchmark and compare how your apps function both on-premises and in the cloud, helping you optimise where you use it, without worrying about losing visibility or wasting time and resources making a move that won’t payoff.

SD wan network

Tackling modern SD-WAN

SD-WAN helps you to build networks that are more efficient, flexible, and capable of delivering better digital experiences to your customers and employees. But it comes at the cost of being highly complex: the melding of on-premises networks, carrier circuits, and the internet creates a tangle of elements to monitor and control. If one of those elements goes wrong, picking apart the network to find the problem is time- and resource-intensive, and can undermine the value of utilising SD-WAN in the first place.

To tackle this, a modern approach to network monitoring is fundamental – and it’s something that ThousandEyes excels at. Giving you a hop-by-hop view of the network underlay, you can easily track important metrics, and easily expose where issues are occurring. 

ThousandEyes gives you assurance that you can get the most out of SD-WAN, rather than getting trapped trying to triangulate what issues are impacting your performance – even those which fall outside of the fabric of your network. There’s a lot more to be said about how ThousandEyes can help you capitalise on SD-WAN – so watch this space for a blog post dedicated to helping you make the most of it.

What’s next?

Perform IT are dedicated ThousandEyes specialists. We have the know-how to help you see the full benefits of using it to get visibility across your entire network and deliver excellent digital experiences for you users.

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